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Started rental business 1994 and grown over the years. Financed from side-company now standing on our own. Renting complete homes to companies as main focus. We store furniture, household items and much more quick to serve guests with whatever each person needs. Eco-friendly recycling.

Locations today:

Ljungaverk, 3 apartment buildings with 10 apartments.
Ytterturingen, 4 houses - villa style.
Östavall, 3 houses including Kölsillre.
Hedsjö, 1 apartment building 4 apartments, 1 house.
Ramsjö, 7 houses in different sizes.
Krylbo Avesta, 2 houses, 3 apartments.
Stockholm, 2 houses.
Dannäs Forsheda, 1 house.

Ramsjö between Ljusdal and Ånge: Some of our 17 buildings are from 15th century, the oldest in Ramsjö. Beautiful nature, lakes, streams and a church next door. Great fishing, variety of fish. Tennis and bas
ketball courts. Football. Walking & skiing trails. Boat, canoe, bike and karaoke rental. Spring water and clean air. Light nights some periods. Forge & art shop. Celebration area & restaurant rental. Package deals for groups. Try Wim Hof here!

Wish you peace!

Elena & Kent Billebro


IBAN SE5250000000056701012353 Bic ESSESESS

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